Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions  Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions

Inno Plate Co., Ltd is one of the leading printing plate suppliers in Korea.

We supply Conventional Positive PS, UV CTP, and Thermal CTP printing plates to markets worldwide.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products as we strive to meet the needs of a dynamic market.


In recent years the printing industry has been paying more attention to the environmental impact of printing operations and customers are demanding green printing processes. Also customers continue to look for solutions to reduce cost improve efficiency.


To meet this demand, Cheonbu Co., Ltd which is our R&D partner and INNO Plate recently launched a processless Thermal CTP and processless UV CTP which does not require a processor and strong alkali developer chemicals.


  • INNO-TP is a processless thermal CTP (Positive Type)
  • INNO-TN is a processless thermal CTP (Ngative type)
  • INNO-UN is a processless UV CTP (Ngative Type)


INNO-TP is postive working plate and INNO-TN  &  INNO UN are negative working plate with very high image contrast.

Those plates cable of 240 LPI and appropriate for a wide range of high quality printing applications.

It can be exposed on any standard thermal CTP setter and UV setter

Cheonbu Co., Ltd  and Inno Plate Co., Ltd have devloped processless plates solutions for last 10 years.


We can offer you high speed, trouble-free and environmentally friendly plates without compromise on press.

INNO-TP, INNO-TN and INNO-UN are reliable plates with predictable performance without changing of press operating conditions.



Cheonbu Col, Ltd and INNO Plate Co. Ltd has begun a new era in the printing process industry.

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