Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions  Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions



  • Perfectly faster imaging speed
  • Excellent and wider sensitivity
  • Greater imaging latitude
  • High resolution
  • Very stable, reliable, repeatable, consistent press performance
  • Superb ink/water balance
  • Low chemistry consumption
  • Easy adoption to your current facility
  • Good quality printing result with excellent  color expression and vivid image
  • Suitable for big volume and high quality level  application with great productivity


INNO-A1000 : Compatible with Agfa Thermostar P970 and Ampio

INNO-K1000 : Compatible with Kodak Electra XD, Caricon GT, Sword and Agfa Elite CTP

INNO-F1000 : Compatible with Fuji LH-PJ/PA Kodak TP-W CTP


Plate Material                             High quality grained and anodized aluminum

Plate Thickness                          0.30 mm

Spectral sensitivity                     830nm peak(800~850nm)

Press Run Length                      100,000~150,000 copies

                                                   * Depend on image resolution, press, press chemical, ink and paper conditions

Setter                                         Compatible with all popular thermal platesetters without modification

Laser Energy                             Required:100mJ~150mJ/Cm2

Resolution                                 1-99%@ 250 LPI

Packaging                                  Available in all standard packaging format

Shelf Life                                   12 months shelf life when stored in a light-free area

Storage                                      Away from excessive cold, heat and high humidity


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