Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions  Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions

  INNO-UN                                                             UV CTcP Negative


  • Outstanding long runs on sheet fed
  • Fast processing time
  • Excellent visibility and high resolution
  • Wide latitude
  • Stable quality
  • High productivity
  • Excellent ink/water balance
  • Low chemistry consumption
  • Application: Commercial and newspaper printing


 Type of Plate                             Negative-working high speed CTcP

 Plate Material                            High quality grained and anodized aluminum

 Wave Length                             405nm

 Press Run Length                     100,000~500,000 impression

                                                   *Depend on image resolution, press, press chemical, ink and paper conditions

 Setter                                        CTcP setter.

 Laser Energy Required             60 ~80mJ/cm2

 Processor                                  All standard negative plate processor

 Developing Solution                  Agfa EN232, INNO ND100

 Resolution                                 2-98% at 150 LPI

 Packaging                                 Available in all standard packaging format

 Shelf Life                                   12 months when away from excessive cold, heat and humidity

 Storage                                     Stored in a light-free area away from excessive cold, heat and high humidity(at 5°C~30°C  with RH40~80%)


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