Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions  Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions

  INNO-UP                                                             UV CTcP Positive

  • Outstanding long runs on sheet fed
  • Fast processing time
  • Excellent visibility and high resolution
  • Wide latitude
  • Stable quality
  • High productivity
  • Excellent ink/water balance
  • Low chemistry consumption
  • Easy adoption to your current facility.
  • Good quality printing result with excellent color expression and vivid image


 Type of Plate                             Positive working high speed CTcP

 Plate Material                            1050 Aluminium Alloy

 Wave Length                             405nm

 Press Run Length                     100,000~150,000 impression

                                                   *Depend on image resolution, press, press chemical, ink and paper conditions

 Setter                                        CTcP setter.

 Laser Energy Required             60 ~80mJ/cm2

 Processor                                  All standard negative plate processor

 Developing Solution                  Positive Developer

 Processing Condition                23°C+/-2°C, 20~25Sec

 Packaging                                 Available in all standard packaging format

 Shelf Life                                   18 months when away from excessive cold, heat and humidity

 Storage                                     Stored in a light-free area away from excessive cold, heat and high humidity(at 5°C~30°C  with RH40~80%)

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