Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions  Environmentally Friendly Printing Plates Solutions

 INNO-TP                           Environment Friendly Thermal CTP

INNO-TP is a processless thermal CTP plate which does not need processor.

INNO-TP is a positive working plate with high image contrast.

It is cable of 240 LPI and appropriate for a wide range of high quality printing applications.

It can be exposed on any standard thermal CTP setter.


It gives you superb quality, consistency and productivity in plate production for all types of commercial print.

INNO-TP allows you to be responsible for precious natural environment without sacrificing quality as it removes the need for chemicals.

INNO-TP also eliminates the need of water for post-rinse allowing you to save a valuable natural resource.

INNO-TP require finisher treatment before  you mount INNO-TP on the Press.

Finisher will protect INNO-TP and also you does not need to clean the blanket when you mount new exposed plate on press with finisher process.


INNO-TP also gives you flexibility of your working space since you do not need the additional floor space that a processor takes up or any plumbing or electrical setup.


  •  High Resolution
  •  High Dot reproduction
  •  Stable Quality
  •  Excellent Ink / Water Balance
  •  Easy to adaption to your current facilities
  •  Excellent color expression and vivid image
  •  UV Ink
  •  No Ink change
  •  No Founts change
  •  No Plate Cleaner Change


 Gum Solution-free

  No Processor

  Save Energy and Space

  Printing Process


Plate Type Processless Positive Thermal CTP Spectral Sensitivity 830nm
Substrate “Super Hydrophilic Technology" on Al substrate Size Standard Sheet Fed Sizes and Web Sizes
Exposing Energy 120~150mJ/cm² Resolution 1 ~ 99%
Contrast after exposure Good Processor Not Required
Shelf life 12 Months Run Length 50,000~100,000 (depend on press condition)

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